58 W Hastings: We Declare

Day of Action for Housing Justice Declaration

9 July 2016

We are here, holding this space, to declare our solidarity, our collective struggle and our determination in taking this stand for housing justice!

Standing on these unceded Indigenous territories we recognize that the disproportionate number of Indigenous people who are homeless, inadequately housed, and displaced is a product of an ongoing process of colonization. Our solidarity extends to Indigenous struggles for land, sovereignty and self-determination across this land.

We demand that all levels of government respond to the housing crisis! We demand that the Federal Government put $5 billion per year into housing.  They can do this by dismantling the imperialist institutions of containment which only exist to protect the interests of the rich and the powerful against those of the poor, exploited and oppressed. Start by taking $1 billion each out of the military,  the prison system, the RCMP and other federal police agencies, immigration enforcement and detention and subsidies to Canadian mining companies guilty of gross human rights violations in countries around the world.

We are here, holding this space, because we refuse to sit idly by while our community members suffer the indignity of homelessness, the shelter system and unsafe, unhealthy, and inadequate housing!

We are here, holding this space, demanding that the City of Vancouver build 100% social housing at 58 W. Hastings.  We endorse the demands of Our Homes Can’t Wait for 10 sites of social housing at welfare rates, saving and improving SRO hotels, and rent control & a rent freeze now!

We are here to declare that we will fight for these demands!  We will not allow the City to develop 58 W. Hastings as a ‘social mix’ development completely inaccessible to people who need housing in this neighbourhood.  We will hold this space.  We will march in the streets.  We will not allow business as usual in this neighbourhood while our fellow community members suffer and die due to policies whose only real purpose is to further line the pockets of developers, big business and the already rich.  Housing is not a commodity, housing is a right!


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