Day of Action for Housing Justice

March in the Streets!
Raise Up the Tent Cities!
Occupy the Condos!

Demand that governments make affordable, secure and safe Housing for All a top priority!

July 9: Day of Action for Housing Justice

There is a crisis of homelessness, housing insecurity and displacement in working class & poor communities across the country. The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU), the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS) are initiating a day of action in towns and cities across Canada on Saturday July 9 to demand:

Federal Government: Spend $5 billion per year on non-market housing affordable, secure and safe housing for the people! Secure this money by cutting $1 billion dollars from each of the military budget, the prison budget, police, immigration enforcement and detention, and by ending subsidies to Canadian mining companies responsible for plunder and human rights abuses in other countries.

Provincial Governments: Rescind the new poor laws that criminalize the poor and homeless and replace them with rent control laws to eliminate speculation and profiteering off people’s basic need for housing.

Local Governments: Fund housing not police! Use city resources, including zoning and regulatory frameworks to eliminate real-estate speculation and profiteering and stop displacement of poor communities.

We also encourage local organizations and communities to make their own demands linked to local conditions and campaigns.

In making this call we recognize the racist and colonial nature of the Canadian State which results in disproportionate homelessness, housing insecurity and incarceration of Indigenous people. We stand in solidarity with Indigenous struggles for sovereignty, self-determination and justice across this land.


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